School & Community Programs

Our Philosophy

Here at Camp Adventure, we have a saying – learning is doing.  And of course, in our community we want our young people to learn as much as they can, so they can achieve as much as they can.  After all, it is today’s youngsters who will become tomorrow’s leaders, activists, inventors, and artists.  It is today’s youngsters who will make tomorrow’s discoveries.

This is why, at Camp Adventure we spread the love of discovering. Of curiosity. Of trying, failing, and trying again. Here at Camp Adventure, we believe that learning is doing, and what you do, you know the best. Whether it’s math, social studies, or good citizenship, a student who discovers the lesson through action will know it forever. From this belief, we offer these programs to our schools and community groups.

Our Programs

Camp Adventure provides two types of experiences – The Challenge Education experience and the Science Education experience.

Challenge Education Programs

Challenge Education offers a variety of programs specifically designed for school classes, church groups, college clubs, scout troops, and community organizations. These activities challenge participants physically, mentally, and emotionally, by confronting them with interesting, off-the-wall situations. It’s fun, naturally, but also teaches valuable life-lessons in decision making, integrity, trust, goal-setting, and self-confidence. Participants walk away with a better understanding of themselves and their teammates.

Science Education Programs

Our Science Education option offers the unique opportunity to study science in the great outdoors! Instead of reading about it, why not see it, smell it, touch it, and hear it? Camp Adventure has a variety of ecosystems available to study, including prairie, woodland, and pond/stream communities. Contact Sarah Badgley at