Science Education

Science Education 

The science education program offers students hands-on, action oriented, learning opportunities. We serve grade levels k-12, and can custom build a program to suit the needs of your class. The grounds house holds several ecosystems, including woodland, prairie, pond, stream and successional communities. Camp Adventure also has numerous resources available, such as microscopes, collection tools, magnifying glasses, brochures and lesson plans. Camp Adventure believes that anything you can teach in class, you can teach outdoors. 

Children looking through microscopes   A photo of what a mosquito looks like from under a microscope.

Kindergarten Lesson Plans
Bugs of Every Season
Changing Seasons
Exploration Adventure
Get In Touch With Nature
My First Flower
Plant Surprises
What Biome Do I Live In?
What Habitat Am I?

First Grade Lesson Plans

Birds of a Feather
Hibernation Lesson
Hibernation Lesson Pictures
The Tree Song
Un-nature Hike

Second Grade Lesson Plans

Nature Hike
Scum Science
The Creek Stomp

Third Grade Lesson Plans

Exploration of Pond Algae
Fishing on the Pond
Life at the Pond
Life on a Dead Log
Trees to Paper

Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

Pond Exploration
Prairie Exploration
Stream Exploration
Woodland Exploration
Teacher’s Guide .zip File
Explorer’s Journal .zip File

Fifth Grade Lesson Plans

Carbon Footprint With Food
Food Web Exercise
Food Web Exercise Pictures
Micro Monsters
Plant Competition
Pond Scavenger Hunt
What We Can Do To Help