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Camp Adventure provides a variety of program options to meet the needs of your organization. Whether you want to cultivate team synergy, build strong leadership, or just boost morale with some good old-fashioned fun, there is a program for you!

Creating Connections


Length: 3 hours (half day) or 6 hours (full day)
Facility: Camp Adventure Teams Course
Price: $50.00 per person (half day); $70.00 per person (full day)

Break the ice! This program is ideal for building relationships between individuals who are just starting to get to know each other. The Creating Connections program presents participants with fun and engaging challenges that require them to brainstorm together, implement strategies, maximize individual strengths, and ultimately accomplish a goal. The focus is on learning communication strategies, practicing compromise, establishing trust, and discovering the strengths of each group member. Any group embarking on a project together will benefit!


Length: 3 hours (half day); or 6 hours (full day)
Facility: Camp Adventure Teams Course
Price: $50.00 per person (half day); $70.00 per person (full day)

This program is perfect for strengthening relationships within a close knit group. Whether you have hit a bump in the road, or just want to jump-start your productivity, TeamTrust takes existing relationships to the next level. In this program, participants will challenge themselves to build stronger levels of trust, improve communication, and broaden personal comfort zones with the help and support of the group.

Relaxing Retreat

Length: Variable
Facility: Camp Adventure Picnic Shelter
Price: Variable
For your next adventure, why not relax at Camp Adventure? Camp Adventure provides picnic tables, shelters, outdoor grills, and full kitchen facilities in the beauty of the outdoors. Take a break from the busy world and unwind with a cold drink next to the campfire.