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Over the years, Camp Adventure has welcomed many different Ball State students who are looking for internship opportunities. 

Why Camp Adventure?

  • we work with lots of Ball State students 
  • the work is challenging and enjoyable
  • the responsibilities are easy to understand
  • communication is clear and fast 
  • we are flexible with students' schedule 


  • different each day 
  • different for each intern (based on major)

*The following list of responsibilities are purely based off of previous interns we have had in the past and the work they did for us. Please, don't hesitate to contact us to find out if we can customize your internship to your major, no matter what may be!*

Graphic Arts Major

  • create and print brochures
  • create and print flyers 
  • create and print training books 
  • redesign and print already existing lesson plans (if needed)
  • update and maintain website
  • design t-shirts 

Journalism Major 

  • create photo and video content Camp Adventure can use for social media/website on a daily basis 
  • create video content as desired 
  • create feature stories about specific students or other aspects of camp
  • Update and maintain website photo gallery 

Biology Major 

  • make/update the Tree Trail
  • Collect samples for science activities
  • Create lesson plans for science activities

Natural Resources Major 

  • develop written materials
  • camp maintenance
  • challenge course maintenance
  • collect samples for science activities 
  • create lesson plans for science activities 

How Does This Benefit You?

  • opportunity to work with a professional company 
  • give input and new ideas
  • learn how to communicate ideas
  • apply your skills and knowledge to create content and to better our establishment 
  • gain real world experience 
  • build on what you already know
  • build your portfolio 
  • practice time management 
  • meet deadlines
  • learn the importance of teach young children and teens
  • learn the importance of team building 
  • learn how the environment can improve a child's education

How To Apply?

Contact Mallory McCullough at